Take Action

"After five years of talking to nurses, the one thing I've learned is that we all have choices. And the ultimate choice is to decide for ourselves what makes life worth living."

--Carolyn Jones, Director, "Defining Hope"

Why It Matters

A quarter of U.S. adults say they have given “no thought” to end-of-life care, and even fewer have written down their preferences or talked about them with family or providers. People don’t realize that they have choices, and they don’t recognize the benefit of hospice and palliative care. As more life-saving technologies are developed, our choices will get even more complicated. Defining Hope can jump-start critical conversations and empower viewers to take action.

Get Involved

We are looking for local champions to mobilize their communities, promote the message of hospice and palliative care and bring people together to contemplate and discuss these important issues. They can host post-screening Q&A’s with local leaders in nursing, politics, healthcare, end-of-life care and others to answer audience questions and spark innovative thinking.

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We have created discussion guides and educational materials to accompany the film, which can be accessed here: https://hope.film/education/.

For additional tools and resources to help start a conversation about end-of-life wishes, please visit www.dyinginamerica.org/tools.