Dying in America is a multimedia documentary project that examines the dying experience through the eyes of nurses, directed by award-winning filmmaker Carolyn Jones. We believe that by exploring the death and dying process with those who navigate its waters daily, we can better prepare ourselves and our loved ones when we are faced with the difficult decisions that come with the end of life. Perhaps by embracing and normalizing the conversation about death and dying, we can lead a more fulfilling life all the way to our last breaths. Click here to watch and listen.


We encourage everyone to start a conversation about what their wishes might be at the end of life. When a family is planning the delivery of a child, medical providers help them fill out a “birth plan” outlining their wishes for the delivery. We are encouraging people to create a similar plan for the end of life, which can be accomplished with a few recommended steps:

Step 1: Discern your values

Step 2: Document your wishes

Step 3: Discuss both your values and your wishes with your loved ones

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